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Rules of The Game

Every game has a set of rules to play it properly. These rules do not develop overnight. These evolve over time. Golf also has its own set of rules. The game is played keeping these rules in view. Golf is a very interesting game. It is one of the games which are the most popular the world over. This game is being played by people for at least past 500 years. The game has evolved from the game of the Royals, from Scotland, to the game which is loved by the general public in all parts of the world. Golf is a very interesting game. It is fun to play and is very relaxing. The golf courses are to be well kept if you want to play really nice and relaxing golf games. The true spirit of the game of Golf is related to the rules of this game. The rules make or break every game, and it is no different with the game of golf.

There are some general etiquettes of playing golf. These are not rules as such, but are considered as important as the rules of scoring in the game. You must not talk too much while playing golf. It is considered to be a very gentle and relaxing game. You must try to avoid to come in the line of some one else. Be careful not to cross any such line. Let others enjoy the game as much as you do. These are etiquettes and not rules but these are observed strictly the world over by all golfers. The true spirit of the game is maintained by observing all the rules of the game.

At present there are at least 40 important and main rules of playing golf. These rules not only tell you about the scoring of this game, but also guide you about the way the game should be started, the way you should carry your accessories and the general rules the players are supposed to follow while they are on the golf course. These rules also define the hole sizes, the club features that are vital and define the areas of importance in the golf clubs.

The rules of playing golf in pone golf ground can be really different than other golf grounds. So if you want to check the prevailing rules of playing golf in one ground, you will have to look for the right rules at the back of the score card you would be carrying. The players of golf start off with the game with teeing off from the first point. There are rules of golf which define how to start off. You will also find the rules about putting the ball, picking it, stopping it or what to do if the ball gets deflected. Any comprehensive game needs a detailed set of rules to define its procedures and the way it is played and scoring is done. Same is the situation with golf. You find detailed rules about Golf and thus the game can be considered as the one which has evolved really positively over the course of time.

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