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Essential Accessories

The origin of golf is unclear. The game has ties to the Chinese, Dutch and Scottish. Many different groups have been credited with the creation of the game, but whoever it is Tiger Woods has been thanking them for the last decade. One of the earliest recorded games was at Bruntsfield Links in 1456 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where golf has a long history. The legend goes that the shepherds who were bored of there work while sitting and waiting learned how to hit stones that were well rounded due to the wear and tear of time, into rabbit holes with the corks they had. Mostly these corks are wooden in nature. The truth may never come out.

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A lot of accessories are being used these days while one plays golf. Golf has emerged as a very popular game and a lot of people enjoy playing it. Along with the golf wear, you also carry your score card and pencils to mark the score. Also, you have golf carts to support you while you have to roam around in the golf course. You also carry your tees and practice balls with you. All these accessories not only make your playing golf more fun, but these also support you in improving your game in a technical and precise manner. All these accessories are important to the golfers in general.

Many early clubs featured different types of woods for the head such beech, holly and apple. The shafts were generally made from trees like hazel. Some of them were also made by ash trees. The type of material used depended on availability as well as on preference. Eventually, metal made its way into clubs with blacksmiths doing there part of the job. The earliest golf balls looked more like baseballs. They are made of leather in most cases. Those were usually hand stitched in those days. It wasn’t until 1848 that Rev. Adam Paterson changed the golf ball. He used gutta-percha, which came from India that softened when heated and then could be converted into a ball of hard nature. Players learned the ball didn’t start out great, but when the round was about to end, once the ball was beat up, it performed perfectly.

Then, an American whose name was Haskell changed the face of golf balls entirely. He was a dentist by profession. He tightly wrapped a core which was filled with a liquid with pieces of elastic and then covered it with a casing that was made up of gutta-percha. Walter Travis won the U.S. Amateur Championship in the year 1901 with this ball and Alex Herd won the British Open with Haskell’s creation in the year 1902. A new ball had emerged. Technology has changed golf equipment entirely. Clubs have gone from entirely wood to fiber glass and synthetic shafts while golf balls vary with different kinds of cores. Despite all the changes, it still comes down to the golfer. Even the most advanced club can’t help you shoot a 67.

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