History of Golf

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History of Golf

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Lots of people enjoy golf these days. Golf courses are very relaxing and Golf is considered to be the kind of sport which is really relaxing and enjoyable for people. Every popular game like golf has a history, and Golf is no exception. You can trace the roots of this sport back to the Scots. It is believed that Scots were the first nation who started playing this game in its primitive form. Like the rest of the games Golf has also evolved from a less sophisticated game to the one which we play and enjoy today. The game of golf today is really sophisticated and you find that there are very complicated yet clear sets of rules to play this game. All these attributes of the game can be traced back to the roots.

It is considered that Golf as a game has been played by Scots for the past 500 years at least. In fact the kings of Scotland who rules the region some 500 t o600 years ago were very much fond of this game. It is a very entertaining game and even in those days it was played in vast grounds and well kept gardens, which only the Royal family could afford. Even today, Golf needs properly maintained golf courses to survive. The actual beginning of the game was when the people from Royal family like St Andrews became fond of putting stones in the holes in the ground which are in fact the rabbit holes. This from where the Golf ground holes concept comes.

Once the game became popular, it was liked equally by the Royals and by ordinary public. Today it is one of the games in the world which people love to watch. The top notch players of this game are superstars at world level. This shows the popularity of this game today in the world. As the game started becoming popular, there were many organizations which were formed about Golf. These organizations served this sport properly and as a result of their services we find that the game of the Royals of the Scot origin is one of the most popular games in the world today.

Not only the way this game is played and perceived is changed, but also the accessories used to play the game have changed. The golf ball has evolved from a very different type of ball which was used some 500 years ago to the kind of white small ball which we use while playing Golf today. The rules have also evolved. This evolution of the game has been a great help in making this game as popular as you find it today. Golf is an amazing game, and lots of people love it. The top notch players of Golf are loved by one and by all. It is a relaxing game which can help you in feeling much better in general. You are relieved of all your pressures by playing this game.

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